Debra Prinzing

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Floral Workshops and Lectures • SLOW FLOWERS SUMMIT


Sunday, July 2nd
8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. + bonus dinner event
Surf Incubator, WELLS FARGO BUILDING 999 Third Ave Suite 700 | Seattle, WA 98104

The inaugural SLOW FLOWERS SUMMIT, a one-day conference set for Sunday, July 2, 2017, is scheduled to coincide with the third annual American Flowers Week (June 28-July 4, 2017).

Called a “TED Talk for Flower Lovers,” the SUMMIT is a one-day lecture series for creative professionals, thought leaders and pioneering voices in the progressive American-grown floral community.

The SLOW FLOWERS SUMMIT will stimulate curiosity as our presenters inquire, inform, include, instigate and inspire. They will examine conventional assumptions and explore conscious and ethical practices in the floral industry.

The SUMMIT will be held at Surf Incubator, a downtown Seattle center for co-working and entrepreneurial startups, located in the Wells Fargo Building, 999 Third Ave.

Debra Prinzing developed the SUMMIT as an alternative to conventional floral conferences, a new “live” component to the virtual American Flowers Week campaign. AFW devotes a week of activity via regional events and social media platforms to promote domestic flowers, raise consumer awareness and unite America’s flower farmers with the U.S. floral industry.

The SUMMIT marks the 10-year anniversary of Flower Confidential with a keynote presentation by New York Times bestselling author AMY STEWART. Published in 2007, Flower Confidential is an around-the-world, behind-the-scenes look at the flower industry and how it has sought — for better and worse — to achieve perfection. Stewart’s  presentation: WHERE WE’VE COME FROM; WHERE WE’RE HEADING, will address the many issues that have defined and redefined the American floral landscape in the past decade.

Other SUMMIT speakers include:

CHANTAL AIDA GORDON, author, editor, designer and co-founder of THE HORTICULT blog, will moderate a panel asking: WHERE’S THE DIVERSITY IN FLORAL DESIGN + HORTICULTURE? Gordon will be joined by LESLIE BENNETT of Pine House Edible GardensRIZ REYES of RHR Horticulture; floral artist NICOLE CORDIER WAHLQUIST of Grace Flowers Hawaii, and others. Now, more than ever, issues of ethnic, gender and cultural inclusion and equality are essential to our profession and we are so honored that these fellow creatives will appear on our stage for a critical conversation.

TERESA SABANKAYABONNY DOON GARDEN CO., the florist originally profiled in Flower Confidential, will present a lecture and design demonstration: POST-MODERN POSIES: BOTANICAL MESSAGES FOR TODAY. Teresa’s business exemplifies the core values of the Slow Flowers Movement long before others embraced the philosophy.

Seattle designer, EMILY ELLEN ANDERSON of LOLA CREATIVE will bring two elements to the Slow Flowers Summit. Her live installation of a FOAM-FREE FLOWER WALL will demonstrate the techniques she has engineered for clients like Paul Allen’s Seattle Art Fair. Emily will also present REINVENTION: PROFESSIONALLY, ARTISTICALLY + SUSTAINABLY, an inspiring conversation about how creatives morph with the changing cultural scene.

The day concludes with LISA WAUD, of POT + BOX, FLOWER HOUSE, and DETROIT FLOWER WEEK, who will lead A CREATIVE CONVERSATION during the concluding dinner. Attendees will learn what stimulates her creative process and adapt lessons learned for their endeavors.

Tickets to the one-day event are $175, including morning coffee/light refreshments, lunch and a cocktail reception with the speakers. Separate tickets to the evening dinner featuring Lisa Waud are $45. Discounted tickets are offered to members of for $135. Registration is required and tickets are available at Event Bright: